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Strategic Planning

Course Information

Strategic PlanningAre you ready to stop playing checkers and start playing chess? As a manager, your decisions determine the fate of your organization. A good strategy will help you make decisions that benefit your organization and outmaneuver your competition. Strategic Planning will introduce you to a comprehensive method for crafting your strategy.

Dr. Harry Van Buren and John Reed will help you to analyze your organization, understand your environment, create your strategy, and plan for implementation. This course blends academic theory with real-world examples. When you finish the program, you will be able to recognize business strategies and apply them in your organization.

Six Sessions (Must attend 5/6)

Note: No class on March 14

  • Introduction
  • Assessing Organizational Situation (Internal)
  • Assessing Organizational Situation (External)
  • Establish Priorities & Write the Plan
  • Implement & Evaluate the Plan
  • Putting It All Together


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Decision Criteria

Is this course right for me? Yes, if you're...

  • An executive, director, or owner who guides an organization’s direction
  • Involved with marketing, product development, or service management
  • A professional or manager who aspires to executive roles

What will this course prepare me to do?

  • Identify new opportunities that align with your organization’s goals
  • Learn to say “no” to opportunities that don’t fit your strategy
  • Create mission and vision statements that reflect your goals
  • Analyze internal and external factors to position your organization for success