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New Media Skills 1: Producer Skills

Course Information

Web videos, audio podcasts, social media, smart phones, and blogs have created exciting opportunities to engage with customers and communities. While creative content can help boost brand recognition and customer awareness, consultants and designers can be expensive for small business owners and individual departments.

In New Media Skills, you will learn about the equipment, software, and techniques that YOU can use to produce your own high-quality audio and video content to promote your organization. This course will give you a solid foundation in the basics of audio and video production so you can determine when you can “do it yourself” and when you need help from experts.

Six Sessions

  • Audio Equipment and Talent
  • Recording and Processing Audio Files
  • Publishing Podcasts to iTunes and RSS
  • Video Equipment and Production Techniques
  • Shooting and Editing Videos
  • Google Hangouts and Other Web Videos

Decision Criteria

Who should take this course?

  • Executives, managers, and business owners who want to promote their organizations
  • Professionals in marketing, advertising, public relations, and customer service

What will you be able to do?

  • Plan, manage, and implement new audio and video projects
  • Learn to utilize recording software and create podcasts
  • Record video files and post them to YouTube
  • Learn about Google Hangouts and other video conferencing software
  • Give your business a competitive edge by infusing your marketing with cutting edge technology
  • Learn about free and low cost audio/video recording and editing software
  • Understand what makes your multimedia effective