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Logical Decision Making to Enhance Organizational Performance

Course Information

Think how many times the same thought or worry comes into your head. Learn a structured process and a set of associated logic-based thinking tools to help you find the underlying cause of your concern. Moreover, verify that it is, indeed, the thing to change to improve both your personal and professional effectiveness and performance.

This program introduces an approach for managing your current organization as a whole with emphasis on achieving a higher level of accomplishment through utilizing the Theory of Constraints. This approach provides an overall framework for helping managers facilitate increased effectiveness in goal achievement that has been developed by Dr. Eli Goldratt, a world-renowned educator, scientist, and business consultant.

Ten Sessions

  • Holistic Management
  • Aligning & Achieving Goals
  • The Focusing Process
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Creating Truly Win-Win Solutions
  • Undesirable Effects
  • Systematic Relationships
  • Mapping You Organization's Future
  • Managing Change in Your Organization
  • Building Enduring Results


  • Richard Reid
  • Tom Shoemaker