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HR Essentials

Course Information

The Business of Craft Brewing Professional Development ProgramAre you equipped to handle employee relations? In today’s competitive economy, organizations must use engage their human resources to keep productivity high. This engaging and motivational program covers the different functional areas that comprise the field of Human Resource Management, including talent recruitment, effective interviewing, performance management, training, and HR law.

Presented by subject matter experts, each session focuses on a different "best practice" and offers practical suggestions for real-world application. Enroll and you will help your organization avoid costly and time-consuming lawsuits, create a safe and hostile-free workplace environment, implement new policies and procedures, and more.

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Decision Criteria

Who should take this course?

  • Newly-appointed human resource professionals
  • HR specialists moving from one functional area of the field to another
  • Owners, managers, and directors of small and medium-size organizations responsible for HR

What will you be able to do?

  • Gain the information needed to understand and participate in a variety of human resource functions and activities
  • Learn to avoid litigation and create a safe and productive workplace
  • Acquire the skills to enhance your personal effectiveness and achieve your professional career goals
  • Immediately improve your on-the-job performance
  • Increase your confidence and ability to handle complex human resource and employee relation law issues

Eight Sessions

Hiring the Best

  • Job Summaries, Job Postings & Employment Ads
  • Employee Testing
  • Strategic Staffing

Creating the Employment Relationship

  • How to screen a resume in under a minute
  • Conducting phone interviews
  • Behavioral interviewing for the best fit
  • What you can and cannot ask
  • Assessing applicants
  • Rejection and offer letters

Exiting the Employment Relationship

  • How to avoid wrongful discharge lawsuits
  • Why documenting employee actions is so critical
  • Coach and counsel managers for successful, lawful terminations
  • The importance of Exit Interviews

Employment Law in Your Workplace

  • The alphabet soup of federal, state and local law
  • Employment "at will"
  • Torts – they aren’t just for eating!
  • Labor law provisions

Total Rewards

Maintaining the Employment Relationship

  • Performance management systems
  • The gift of feedback
  • Coaching to inspire the best performance
  • Addressing performance issues
  • The corrective action process and documentation
  • Succession planning for the future

Onboarding & Training Your Employees

  • Introduction to onboarding employees (mission/vision/values)
  • Welcoming new staff through new employee orientation
  • Individual duties, responsibilities & expectations
  • Operating Guidelines & Procedures
  • Subsequent training plans
  • Communication, Continued Learning, and Follow-up

Organizational Development & Change Management

  • Supercharge your team’s effectiveness using simple tools and techniques
  • Tips and tricks to enhance the teamwork in your organization
  • Effectively deal with change and transition in an ever changing environment