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How to Sell - Strategies from Prospecting to Closing

Course Information

Professional selling requires building long-term relationships between suppliers and customers. These relationships are not built via tricks and high-pressure tactics. Rather, they evolve over time based on trust and meeting customers' needs. This workshop series will help you understand the process of professional selling from the early stages of prospecting through face-to-face presentations, to closing the sale in a professional manner. You'll also learn how to organize your time, get appointments with decision-makers, make effective presentations and close the deal. And you will review your sales methodology to develop a strategic plan for use as a guide for improving sales and bottom-line results.//course introduction//

Three Sessions

  • Developing Your Sales Strategy and Plan
  • Making Effective Sales Presentations
  • Closing the Sale

Decision Criteria

Who should take this course?

  • Everyone in a sales or organizational development role
  • Those looking to start a career in sales
  • Individuals who are looking to enhance their resume and qualifications

What will you be able to do?

  • Efficiently and effectively approach the sales process
  • Define your communications strategy and scripts to effectively convey your message while qualifying prospects
  • Take the fear out of determining what to say next
  • Practice handling objections and transforming them into opportunities to close more sales